Color Wheels

A visual experience

Admiringly referred to as “Color Wheels”, this work of art generates numerous, unexpected chromatic effects that offer insights into the sensory and perceptive aspects of both light and color. The visual experience is stimulated by creating successive brightness, hue and saturation hierarchies that are reflected in each circle; while the perceptual process is activated by an attempt to investigate color harmonies and analogies. A complimentary, simultaneous and sequential color contrasts and chromatic afterimages allow visitors to explore the theme of visual perception and its ability to change over time. This work is inspired by numerous attempts throughout the course of history by artists, scientists and scholars to organize color and understand it essence.

“Color Wheels” is a work of light art that resulted from the creative flair of international lighting designers – Alessandra Stratimirovic and Athanassios Danilof. This mesmerizing installation of three luminous “wheels” created with DURATAPE RGBW strip product by DURALAMP, and was designed exclusively for TARGETTI.

2022 ArchLIGHT Summit, Dallas Market Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
2018 National Gallery, Cifte Hamam, Skopje Light Art District, Macedonia
2018 The Match Gallery, Lighting Guerrilla, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017 Vandalorum, Värnamo, Sweden
2016 Architectural Lighting Magazine 30th Anniversary, Canoe Studios, New York City, USA
2016 Triade Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2016 Light & Building, Frankfurt, Germany

DARC AWARDS / Architectural in London, 2016, Second place Category: ART - Best Light Art Scheme - Low Budget

Aleksandra Stratimirovic is a visual artist based in Stockholm
Athanassios Danilof is an architectural lighting designer based in Athens